Worldwide Die-Off of Fish and Birds

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Dead fish

Therefore shall the land mourn, and everyone that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beast of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away” Hosea 4:3 God’s Word is being fulfilled before our eyes. The warnings of God against a sinful generation cannot be sounded more loudly for us … Read More

Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake hits Alaska

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Links: There have been 98 earthquakes above 4.0 worldwide in the last 7 days including today Sunday January 24, 2016. We are constantly reminded of the words of our Lord Jesus Christ stating in Mt. 24:7 that there shall be “earthquakes, in divers places. This scripture is now being fulfilled in this generation. Skeptics would normally comment that … Read More

Pastor Saeed Abedini Released from Prison *(Updated 01/25/16)

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Pastor Saeed

We have just received word Saeed Abedini and the other 3 Americans have been released. For more than three years, Pastor Saeed – a U.S. citizen – has endured imprisonment in Iran. Yesterday we received word that Saeed Abedini was taken by Iranian Intelligence police to the Central Intelligence office. This morning we learned he was freed and moved to … Read More

Arson Destroys 7 Churches

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Tanzanian Church

Arsonists used gasoline as an accelerant to ensure that seven churches in northwestern Tanzania were destroyed in attacks on Sept. 22 and Sept. 27. Muslim extremists have repeatedly threatened Christians in the Bukoba district and want to “reduce” the number of churches in the area, says one pastor. Attackers set fire to three churches over two-hours on Sept. 22 in … Read More

News: 83,723 Bibles Sent to Cuba

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Bibles sent to Cuba

83,723 Bibles are on the way to Cuba to keep up with the explosive growth of Christianity on the island, reports the SBC’s International Mission Board. 75 percent of the Bibles will go to two ministries; about 32,000 will go to the Western Baptist Convention, based in Havana, and the same amount will go to the Eastern Baptist Convention, based … Read More